Guideline #10

Listening to your thoughts or trying to “figure things out” will get you in more trouble.

  • Your mind has very limited information.
  • It’s also easily infected by Pendulums.

To go with the flow for a decision, you need to sense where the beneficial energy is moving.

The Space of Variations is organized into Cause and Effect chains.

These create the flow through the Space of Variations.

You cannot oppose this current because  it is massive. 

To stay clear of unpleasantness, choose your movements with calm, even strokes, no sudden movements.

In doing everything calmly, you stay on the Wave of Success keeping you out of the path of undesirable Pendulums.

Every perfect solution to every possible problem already exists in the Space of Variations.

These Cause and Effect chains will take you to the right place to solve every problem.

This universe does not waste energy.

Every problem you encounter already contains the keys to its solution so do everything in the easiest (not anxious) way possible.  Living this way, you simply flow around  (bypass) unpleasant Sectors (bad neighbourhoods) in the Space of Variations.


Photo by Alex Block on Unsplash