Take control of your life instead of letting others do it for you. From the moment that you totally manage your life, all changes become possible.


We try to be in charge of our destiny even though it doesn't happen very often. Most of the time we are not aware of how or where we act from. Is it our own will or are we following the directions of pendulums (collective magnetic fields)?


A person is happy when following their own way, when the mind and soul are in agreement with what is taking place in life, in this case all is possible.


The program “Life Management” will show you which attitudes and actions will lead you to the wanted results. It will make you have a new vision of the world, a new way of life.


If you like to achieve this new reality, where you receive what you intend to have, if you want to be a lucky person, If you can commit to be a happy person.


Welcome to the program Reality Transurfing Life Management.


Module One will bring you:

  • Knowledge of efficient methods of influencing reality.
  • How to make conscious choices when taking decisions.
  • Awareness of a pendulum's influence and the part it want you to play.
  • Learn to “rent yourself out” without losing aim of your goal.
  • Receive what you choose without struggling against obstacles.
  • Lower your levels of importance in order to have an easier effortless life.
  • Benefit from these new methods and the ways to achieve results.
  • Lear to choose what makes you a really happy person.
  • Observe that luck depends on your attitude and intention.
  • Know what is necessary to always be on the top of the Wave of Success.

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