Give yourself the best gift:

Allow yourself to be yourself and allow others to be themselves. With this attitude, all is conceivably possible.




Two main ideas are presented in this module:


One is, to be in harmony with oneself, and to be in harmony with others. When you are in harmony with yourself, everything is much easier in your life. It is the best state to create your own reality. You feel good about yourself and the world that surrounds you reflects those feelings.


The other, when we try excessively to know or do something “important”. We will encounter conflict and problems with family, friends, work colleagues, strangers and even ourselves. This unnatural state will provoke in us feelings of misunderstanding and injustice. There are always people that will get on our nerves and put us into negative states.

Replace the intention to “get” with the intention to “give”. As a result you will receive what you have renounced "Freiling".
In Module Four, you will learn:
  • How to accept your two sides, both positives and negatives?
  • How to put aside your painful past experiences and live in the radiant present?
  • How to have excellent relations by being yourself and allowing others to be themselves?
  • How to live in peace and harmony with others?
  • How to allow others to realize your wishes and desires?
  • How to be positive when there is negativity around you?

We recommend you read Reality Transurfing Steps I-V, Vadim Zeland.