Interview 2007 - Vadim Zeland

Q. Who is Vadim Zeland?

When asked by the intrigued readers “Who are you, Vadim Zeland?”


I usually reply “I'm no one (special)”. My biography (life) cannot and should not be of any interest, as it was not me, who created Transurfing, I merely channel the ancient knowledge that gives access to a world in which the impossible becomes possible.


If one follows certain guidelines, the conventional reality stops being something completely external and uncontrollable, one can learn to rule it! To transmit that kind of Knowledge without any personal distortions, I really ought to be “nobody”, just “an empty vessel”.


The great mystery is still secret just because it is incredibly simple, the truth lies on the surface, and it requires just a carrier to bring that truth to people. In this case the personality does not matter.


What is of true interest, are the custodians who have passed onto me this ancient knowledge. However, they also tend to keep in the background


I am 45 years of age. Before the collapse of the Soviet Union I did research in quantum physics, then I was engaged in computer technologies, and now I am a full-time author and live in Russia. All the rest is of no consequence for the successful application of Reality Transurfing...

Mission - Fernando M. Branco



In the year 2008 I came across Reality Transurfing written by Vadim Zeland, upon reading the complete book series and as he suggests, putting it into practice, my life started to feel like, I had something to do with it. I realized I had a CHOICE.


This impressed me so much that I decided to promote Reality Transurfing worldwide, initially by getting involved in the publishing of the books.


Confidently following my heart’s desire to share my knowledge, experience and enthusiasm with the world. I soon joined Olivier Masselot and Frank Sanchez, the two other coaches outside Russia approved by Vadim Zeland.


I believe that we all have our own Unique qualities, mine is to act as a Catalyst in speeding up your immersion in the Reality Transurfing Model.


Like Vadim Zeland says “The great mystery is still secret just because it is incredibly simple”.


If you choose to dare claim your Universal birthright to Self Knowledge, expect clear answers, and above all desire to unveil the profound knowledge of Reality Transurfing, then you are resonating with the power that can remove all obstacles.


My guarantee to you is to give much more than could ever be expected of me. Practice this Profound Knowledge and experience the “RECONNECTION” to your own Unique Perfect Self. The ONE-NEO.


Surprise yourself, go ahead: Claim your Power to Achieve Real Life Fulfillment

Have you read the BOOK?


Intending for you Joy, Prosperity and Fulfilment. 

Fernando M. Branco