Once the wars and revolutions are over, other less aggressive but nonetheless tough forms of battle continue, such as the battle for market control, competition between political parties, all kinds of marketing, advertising campaigns, ideological propaganda, and so on.


Human society is totally based on pendulums, so all fields of activity are gripped with competition. The rivalry goes on at all levels, from public debate to competition between club teams and individuals.”

Reality Transurfing Steps I-V Vadim Zeland


Haven't you learnt yet! The Space of Variations is an Infinite Energetic Field where every possible conceivable possibility already exists.


So what's this about going around still back stubbing your fellow human family? So that you can pick up e few crumbs that fall off the table.


Wake up, start really to understand what Reality Transurfing is all about, drop your old useless marketing tricks if you want to catch the Blue Bird of Joy/Success and Effortless allow Outer Intention to deliver, become Prosperous.


Text by Fernando Branco