Guideline # Nine

Your Mind and Soul Are NOT the same.

Your Soul is your subconscious and your Mind is your conscious. Phrases that have been used to describe the Soul are “my sub conscious mind”, “my intuition”, “that still small voice” or “my gut feeling”. Your daily attention is on your conscious thoughts. You're  constantly occupied with thoughts and feelings. Your mind does not know how to listen to your soul and it does not want to try. Your mind (thoughts) is “infectable” by Pendulums.

Your soul does not think in words. Instead it attempts to reach your conscious mind with a sudden impression, an instant knowing, a quiet sense that “this is the way to go.” When your mind sleeps, your Soul speaks. It’s good to allow your mind to be distracted at times so your Soul can give you its insights which are ALWAYS right. Your Soul is the voice without words, thoughtfulness without thoughts, and sound without volume. You understand something, but only vaguely. You are not thinking but you feel it intuitively. It’s your Soul that gives you a sense of inner peace or inner discomfort about any topic. So if you want to know what is truly right, order your thoughts to be quiet and ask “Do I feel good or bad. Pick a different choice and then ask again. Your Soul will steer you in the right direction.  Your mind will not and cannot know what is right.  In addition to this, your soul is directly in touch with the Space of Variations, Universe, Source.


Guideline # Seven

Rather than use polarities like desire, need, anxiety, hope and fear, you will use "Intention" to get all the good you want in life.

Intention is your will or your choice, free of excess potentials, to simply go and accept what you want. It is like going to the mail box to pick up your mail. Every event in your life will have this same natural, relaxed and comfortable attitude about it. As you will see in Guideline 11, there are two kinds of Intention.


Guideline # Six

Guideline # 6: How! To stay on the Wave of Success.

How! To stay on the Wave of Success.

Eliminate ALL Excess Potentials:                 

(Energy beyond what is necessary to live in this world and obey its laws).

Eliminate the Pendulum's                   

"Caring, Angry, Friendly" scams.

You create Excess Potentials if you give excessive significance to your evaluations, your meanings for any event that happens. If any event has GREAT significance, it will distort energy and bring Balancing Forces into your life that will take away the very thing you wanted most. Therefore keep your level of importance, care, concern, need, worry, desire and ambition at Zero. You will have virtually no problems in life if the meaning you give to everything is to lower its importance to zero.


Guideline # Five

Guideline # 5: The Wave of Success

Find ways to connect to it.


The Wave of Success is a productive energy in the Space of Variations that is like an ocean wave that carries an exhausted swimmer to shore. Your job is to grab onto the fine thread of good news and pull yourself up to where it originates. Do that by taking an interest in any good news, no matter how small.  It is your focus on this good news, good ideas, good purposes that moves you to a new Script (sector) in the Space of Variations where you naturally and easily succeed. In this new place, everything becomes effortless and easy. In order to do these well, first accept your present situation as it is, then even the smallest thing becomes a source of joy. Start by having gratitude for it. Even things you throw away deserve your gratitude.  In this way you give out positive thought vibrations to the world and these vibrations come back to you as the Wave of Success. As you live on the wave, remember that when an unfortunate event happens, it is just the Pendulum attempting to hook you and take you back. Accept it, ignore it and stay on the Wave.




Guideline #Four

Find Yourself.

Make time to know Yourself. Introduce yourself to Yourself, be brave accept whatever you may discover. Always keep your senses sharp walking down the street, doing shopping, listening to the radio, reading a newspaper. Certain combination of surrounding, sound and scent may attract your attention. Feel with your mind,  Analyse it with your heart – ask what was so special about it. Any signs struck you as relevant to your intending goals? I recommend writing it down, even short sentences or just some words. Materializing your thoughts on paper or saying them aloud will help to see the pattern among the everyday events and make you to discover even more. Use this data to improve your well-being on going towards your goals.

Guideline #Three

Do the things that matter.
In connection to unnecessary stress, we shall avoid doing whatever we consider being pointless. If there‘s no action needed at that particular moment in relation to your goal, just lay back and think what you could do that would have a bigger meaning, like practice of the slide of your objective or thing about your Real Life Purpose. Take some time to clean your mind, relax, go for a walk. Who knows, maybe it‘s going to be the time when you to see a sign leading toward your goal.


Guideline # Two

To idealise something means to overestimate it, to place it on a pedestal, to worship it, or create an idol of it. The Love which creates and rules the world is very different to idealization. However paradoxical it may sound, Love is in essence dispassionate and unemotional.

Unconditional Love is admiration without worship or the need to possess.

In other words, it does not create interdependent relationships between the one doing the loving and the object of their love. This simple truth helps to determine where love ends and idealization begins. We have such power within ourselves but we still want something more, we try to steal someone else‘s right to freedom and happiness.
Reality Transurfing Step I-V written by Vadim Zeland


10 Most important Guidelines for managing your every day! 

Guide #One

How manifestation!



Read the below statements over and over again; fix every word upon your memory, and meditate upon them until you firmly understand and trust what they say. If a doubt comes to you, cast it aside as a sin. Do not listen to arguments against this idea.



There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the infinity of the universe.  


A thought, in this substance, creates the thing that is visualized by the thought.  

The Human can form things by thought, and, by impressing thought upon formless substance, can cause the thing thought about, to be created.


Love Joy Abundance

Fernando M. Branco


Reality Transurfing Guideline #2:


Guideline #2:

Energy from the Space of Variations is changed by your thoughts.

The thoughts in your mind transform the waves of energy passing through you, to either negative or positive.


This changed energy then connects with a matching sector in the Space of Variations which then becomes your reality.

Positive thoughts connect with positive sectors in the Space of Variations while negative thought connects with negative sectors in the Space of Variations.       This is how you will create the reality you experience.

For this reason, do not try to change a bad Script, (a bad situation) in the Space of

Variations. It cannot be changed.

Instead, choose a positive Script (outcome) you like much better and keep your thought energy connected there by obeying these laws.


Reality Transurfing Guideline One

All forms through which our reality is manifested must have a “Place” where these multitudes of variations exist. There was never “A PLACE” where reality came from. Before Transurfing, we just believed that bad things happened and good things happened. Sometimes we were lucky and sometimes we were not. This was never true. There IS a PLACE where reality first exists. This place CAN be reached and it CAN be steered. This place is the Space of Variations.


Your Path

There is a path or life track where a person will find true Joy and Abundance.

Pendulums force alien goals and lure you with prestige and inaccessibility.



By chasing after false goals you either won't achieve anything or having achieved it, you will realize the futility of it and that you didn't need it in the first place.

Your true goal or purpose will turn your life into a feast. Achieving Your goal will bring about the fulfilment of all your other wishes. The results will be beyond anything you could ever have imagined. Your door is the entrance to the path that will bring you to Your Goal.

When you move towards Your goal through Your door nothing on earth can stand in your way, because the key to your Soul is the perfect fit to the lock of your door leading to Your path. No one can take what is yours. The only difficulty is to find Your goal and Your door. Transurfing teaches you how to do this...


Transurfing In English.


Only Knowledge can set us free