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Soul Education · 28. July 2018
Go With The Flow in order to make decisions.

Soul Education · 26. July 2018
Who benefits from competition? You? or Pendulums!

Soul Education · 15. October 2015
Make time to know Yourself.

Soul Education · 14. October 2015
Do the things that matter.

Soul Education · 14. October 2015
Unconditional Love is admiration without worship or the need to possess, in other words, it does not create interdependent relationships between the one doing the loving and the object of their love.

Soul Education · 28. August 2015
Read the below statements over and over again, fix every word upon your memory, and meditate upon them until you firmly understand and trust what they say.

Soul Education · 12. February 2015
Information/Energy from the Space of Variations is affected by your thoughts.

Soul Education · 05. February 2015
All forms through which our reality is manifested must have a “Place” where these multitudes of variations exist.