Guideline #16


Live like you shopping at the Space of Variations Mall.


The Space of Variations Shopping Mall of the Universe, is the place where everything is possible and everything you could ever dream of having is there available in abundance.


You just ask the attendant for it.


CLERK: “What would you like?

YOU: “I want to be a show business star.”


CLERK: “No problem. Here is an excellent copy just for you. Fame, Fortune and all the best that goes with it.”

YOU: “Well, but come on, it’s definitely not that easy. Only a few succeed. They have special talents and I don’t.”



CLERK: “What’s talent got to do with it? Here is the merchandise you requested. Take it.”

YOU: You sure? “It’s really hard to get into show business. It’s a real jungle with big shots like you wouldn’t believe.”


CLERK: “OK fine, here is a big shot who will promote you. Take it.”

YOU: “But all these stars, they have big homes and live in high society luxury. Could this really happen to me? It’s so hard to believe.”


CLERK: “Well that’s too bad. In that case, we can’t help you. I’ll take that merchandise back then.”


(DON’T be this shopper!)


Thank you to Larry Bilotta for drafting this document together, I have anglicised it a bit and added finer touches to it.


Fernando M. Branco


Photo by Zosia Korcz on Unsplash