Guideline #15

When On a mountain top take care to maintain balance.

When you begin Transurfing, you will feel calm, secure, safe, important… It's like a mountain top experience.

That’s when a Pendulum will come to hook you by bringing unwanted situations or bad news for you to dwell upon.

It wants you to be worried, scared, lose your spirit and be annoyed.

Wake up and remember the pendulum game! It is trying to catch you.

In effect, “Go on Guardian Mode”.


That means you are already prepared for the pendulum if and when it arrives.

Immediately drop your own importance, do it consciously, so the pendulum falls to nothing.


Defeating the pendulum this way, means the energy intended to hurt or throw you off balance will transform into a nice feeling instead.

Play this your Trump Card and no pendulum can ever hurt you.

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Photo by Shelby Miller on Unsplash