Guideline #11

Two Kinds of Intention…you only want the second kind.

  1. Doing things driven by your own will is Internal Intention. Internal Intention finds you trying to make the world cooperate with your desires. Internal Intention takes a lot of effort.


  2. Allowing things to happen through Transurfing is External Intention. External Intention allows you to choose the way the world will behave.


External Intention is easy because you are allowing your goals to be realized on their own as you obey the laws of Transurfing.


External Intention assumes that everything will happen as you want it to.

So think of Internal Intention as you sweating, worrying, working, struggling and frustrated as you attempt to get what you want.


Think of External Intention as the world opening its arms to you, walls parting in front of you and no matter what happens, you always end up in the right place at the right time.


Transurfing helps you stop problems, not by solving them but by avoiding them completely.

You avoid problems by using other people’s Internal Intention, other people’s Internal Intention is selfishness, it is their own desires, their own need to feel important, and their own need to be right.


Instead of using your own Internal Intention to get what you want, (your own selfishness), abandon it and let External Intention launch.


Make it your intention to support the Internal Intention of other people (their selfishness).


External Intention does not desire to do anything. Instead it allows the Internal Intention of other people to do the work. You don’t get in the way of what people want. All problems are created from the conflicting Internal Intentions of different people.


Internal Intention Example:

A woman wants her reluctant boyfriend to marry her. He keeps resisting. She puts more pressure on him through guilt, pestering and demands. This is her Internal Intention at work. Result: He runs father away from her.


External Intention Example: This woman asks herself a question, what does a man want from marriage?

Answer: He wants his own personal significance, to be loved, valued and respected by

someone who admires him. Once she drops her own Internal Intention (her selfish desires) and focuses on helping him get his Internal Intention, then External Intention goes to work in the background, to bring her everything she gave up along with much more!


Reality Transurfing Steps I-V, VZ 

Text edit: Fernando Branco


Photo by Sweet Ice Cream Photography on Unsplash