Guideline #9

Your Mind and Soul Are NOT the same.

Your Soul is your subconscious and your Mind is your conscious. Phrases that have been used to describe the Soul are “my sub conscious mind”, “my intuition”, “that still small voice” or “my gut feeling”. Your daily attention is on your conscious thoughts. You're  constantly occupied with thoughts and feelings. Your mind does not know how to listen to your soul and it does not want to try. Your mind (thoughts) is “infectable” by Pendulums.

Your soul does not think in words. Instead it attempts to reach your conscious mind with a sudden impression, an instant knowing, a quiet sense that “this is the way to go.” When your mind sleeps, your Soul speaks. It’s good to allow your mind to be distracted at times so your Soul can give you its insights which are ALWAYS right. Your Soul is the voice without words, thoughtfulness without thoughts, and sound without volume. You understand something, but only vaguely. You are not thinking but you feel it intuitively. It’s your Soul that gives you a sense of inner peace or inner discomfort about any topic. So if you want to know what is truly right, order your thoughts to be quiet and ask “Do I feel good or bad. Pick a different choice and then ask again. Your Soul will steer you in the right direction.  Your mind will not and cannot know what is right.  In addition to this, your soul is directly in touch with the Space of Variations, Universe, Source.

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