The Overseer's Riddle

The Overseer's Riddle

Every human being can obtain the freedom to choose all that is desired.

Here is the riddle put by the Overseer: "How do you discover this freedom? If you solve the riddle, your apples will fall to the sky".


Transurfing is a Scientific Model for choosing your own destiny, literally, as if a product in the supermarket.


There are many, collective ideas of luck. One of them, is that luck is predetermined by destiny. Whatever you do, you can not avoid the predetermined destiny. The human being deprived of good luck laments himself and falls into depressive states.


In Transurfing the conceptual idea of destiny, is based on a totally different view of the universe, founded in quantum physics.

Admitting that each of the known ideas about destiny come from certain determined ideologies, up to now impossible to demonstrate.

With that in mind, if from inner conviction, you have determined that destiny is something predetermined out of your control, so will be. On the other hand, if you consider that you are creating your destiny, in this case, you consciously assume responsibility for what takes place in your life, your choice is always realized. What you choose is what you receive.


Whichever conception of the world you decide to adopt, the truth will always be on your side. You do not need to fight for happiness and prosperity, you can simply choose a variant that pleases you.


Our nature is unique in its dual aspect of polarization, always flowing to and fro from negative to positive and so on. Scientists, to avoid contradictions try with great difficulty, to unify the different manifestations of reality. But there is only one fact that unifies all the branches of present intellectual knowledge: and that is the diversity and multifaceted aspect of our reality.


All of our reality is recorded in an infinite magnetic information field, invisible to our five senses. In Transurfing, this information field is denominated as the space of variations, this space, contains information of all that was, is and will be.


Destiny management is then reduced to something very simple: making the choice. The space of variations acts as a matrix and defines how the material manifestation will take place. In one way or another the human consciousness forms destiny. Our limited mind is a very small part of our consciousness, a minuscule part of the totality of who we are.


Be aware of your thoughts, What are you thinking? Separate them from the situation, that is always neutral, that is what it is. Whereas, your thoughts have a tendency to follow fixed pattern tracks, by being aware of what we thinking we generate and emotional feeling. Observe the connection between the thought and the emotion, rent yourself out*, be the conscious observer, you will then obtain clarity to choose and act.

*In this context to rent yourself out, “to be indifferent to the situation, without creating excess potentials, nevertheless doing the necessary with precision”.


We recommend you read Space of Variations, volume I of the series of books Reality Transurfing written by Vadim Zeland.

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