Practical Reality Transurfing
The New Reality Management Technique

78 Days Practical Transurfing Course talks about some very strange and unusual things, you won't want to believe it ... But you will not be asked to believe, methods will be presented that allow you to verify everything yourself !!!

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Most human entities spend their "waking" lives hypnotized by their sensory world, which gives them the illusion of the material reality they live in. In reality, space and time are really nonexistent, both at the level of Pure Aware Consciousness and also at the level of the unaware "blind parts" that they experience. Because It is the illusion of creative thought within an illusory space/time construct called Creation.

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Reality Transurfing Principles

Reality has two forms: physical, which you can touch, and metaphysical, which lies outside of perception thresholds but is just as objective. In some sense, the world is like an endless dual mirror .... READ MORE
About Vadim Zeland

Little is known about Vadim Zeland. He is former quantum mechanics physicist and later a computer technologist. He prefers not to become a well-known celebrity, shielding personal details ... READ MORE
78 Days Practical Transurfing Course

The course contains the 78 essential principles of Transurfing theory for the attainment of practical goals, using simple, yet powerful techniques with the idea of Parallel Realities ...
“The information structure of the space of variations, may materialize under certain conditions. Every thought, as well as every sector from the space of variations, has certain parameters. By “illuminating” the corresponding sector, the mental broadcast realizes the version of this sector. Thus thoughts have a direct influence on the course of events.

The space of variations serves as a template, it determines the shape and trajectory of movement of the matter. Material realization moves in space and time, but the variations remain in place and exist there forever.

Every living being forms the layer of its world, via its mental broadcasting. Our world is inhabited by many living organisms, and each has its own contribution to the formation of reality…” Reality Transurfing
Our sensory decoding and information processing apparatus (brain) only addresses the decoding of the feedback of the reflected light (input) made by our restricted creative choices within the Virtual Reality Game of “life”.
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